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Hi there! I’m Gabriele Panozzo, an Italian professional Chef. I worked for several restaurants both in Scotland and in Italy. I live in Brightons, Falkirk, with my wife and my three children. My wife is a teacher, a tour guide and a translator specialized in cookbooks. We perfectly know how hard it is to find tasty and healthy meals for the whole family every day. Like most parents sometimes we don’t have time to cook (or we simply don’t fancy doing it!). Hopefully our expertise can be valuable to you; we can help your family put a fresh and healthy meal on the table. The dinner you would prepare at home, if you had the time to do it, but made by a chef on the same day of the delivery. We only use fresh ingredients, trying to avoid as much as possible the unhealthy ones, such as palm oil, rapeseed oil, sodium glutamate. We also do our best to choose cruelty free ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. The food  is prepared daily from scratch: this also gives you the possibility to freeze some dishes, so that you can just put them in the microwave or in the oven and enjoy them whenever you prefer. As this is a home based business, everything is made on order. Therefore we kindly ask you to order your meal by midnight to have it delivered the evening after (of course you can order in advance if you prefer, but please not later!). This way in the morning we can buy the fresh ingredients and prepare your meal: ready to be delivered in the evening!


This is a Home-based business, Registered at the Falkirk Council Food Business Office.

I am a Certified NVQ3 Professional Chef with a European Diploma obtained in Italy. I am also Certified HACCP.

I am also a Certified Professional Pizzaiolo, specialized in the production of Pizza, Focaccia and Bread.

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