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Although pasta can have many shapes (In Italy we have officially more than 300 shapes and types of pasta!!), reheating a portion of pasta is more or less the same for all of them:

Two ways to reheat your pasta: Put it in the microwave until piping hot or put the pasta in a casserole with a spoon of water and heat it up over gentle heat until piping hot (recommended method!)

You can accompany your pasta, depending on which sugo you chose, with different beverages. If you chose a strong flavour like bolognese, mac & geez or hot sicilian, you can have it with a red wine or a strong blonde. If you chose light flavours like pesto or tomato and basil, a much lighter beverage is advised: a good light blond or a sparkly rosè.


You can dispose of the container in the GREEN WASTE BIN!


You can dispose of the container in the GREEN WASTE BIN!

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